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Welcome to the "Shadowdance" saga

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 Cover for the urban fantasy novel "By Virtue Fall" featuring vampire assassin Adriana Dupre.Vampires, demons, werewolves, sorcerers and other creatures of myth and magic secretly combat one another for possession of the nine Vyntari shards.

When recombined into the Vyntari jewel, the shadow god Yahweh will be unleashed.

The person who controls the jewel controls the shadow god. They can remake the world in their image —

…or destroy it.

Subtle manipulations erupt into cruel violence, all hidden from the eyes of those Uninitiated to this struggle.

This is the world of the Shadowdance.

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How to become an Initiate of the "Shadowdance" saga

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Step into the shadows and become Initiated in the “Shadowdance” urban fantasy saga. It takes just a few minutes to register. You’ll then gain access to histories of the Shadowdance and those involved.

In 2014, you’ll receive an exclusive newsletter via email, which will also include special perks for the Initiated.

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